Kentucky Headshot Photographer

Acting Headshot Photographer

"The best shot for your first impression!"

Michael is a Kentucky based photographer specializing in actor's headshots and high impact business portraits. He is the lead photographic artist at Cook Designer Portraits.

Check out this video to see Michael in action...

Acting Headshot Example:

Here is a photo of Alexia, an aspiring model and actress working in the Nashville TN area. Notice how this headshot holds your interest longer than normal headshots. This comes from the composition of the image as well as the subtle confidence Alexia exudes in the photograph. This is a person a casting director would want to audition.

Working with aspiring actors and actresses and bringing out these dynamic images that hold the viewiers attention is what I do. No "deer in headlight" headshots here.

Kentucky Acting Headshot

Vocal Major Headshot Example:

This is Elizabeth. She is a vocal major attending Georgetown College. She is very active in community theater and is pursuing a career that can showcase her voice and acting abilities. We think she would be a perfect addition on Glee!

Kentucky Vocal Major Headshot

Actor Headshot Example:

Here is Shay. He is an aspiring actor. We photograph both male and female actors.

Kentucky Actor Headshot

Audition Headshot Example:

Here is a photo of Chainey. She used this headshot and her amazing talents to successfully navigate the audition process and land a position on the University of Kentucky dance team. It does not matter what you are auditioning for, if they require a photograph of you, you need a headshot that separates you from the crowd.

Kentucky Audition Headshot

High Impact Business Portraits

You don't need to be an actor or actress to benefit from a strong dynamic headshot. Business people who needs to stand out from their competition can benefit from a high impact business portrait as well. This works well for realtors, politicians, or anyone who needs to put their face out there.

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